The astonishing amount of antibiotics prescribed by Doctors on a daily basis has led to a new superbug.  In my post ‘Why won’t my Doctor give me antibiotics’ I discussed how this may come about.  But to refresh your memory I will summarize. When we overuse antibiotics, the bacteria evolve and develop new ways to fight off our antibiotics. 


Controlled crying: friend or foe?

New parents can often find themselves in a frustrating position when it comes to trying to get their little one off to sleep.  They struggle with torn emotions and hearing that heartbreaking cry.  Do I go in and pick them up? Or do I allow my child to cry?  This is a debate that has emerged in the parenting


Do Doctors get paid too much?

Depending on where you live in the world, your doctor can be paid in different ways.  In some countries doctors are paid by the government, in others they are paid for by you or an insurance company.  How much do Doctors make?  Doctor’s salaries are highly variable depending on how they are paid, how many hours they work and